Call exhibit functions in simple page


I’m trying to overcome some difficulties in the initial Exhibition page, in particular the possibility of adding short codes at the begging of an Exhibiton: @mebrett suggest me to use Simple Pages instead of the initial page of the exhibition. I’m following this line, but now I shoud like to add the Exhibtion navigation menu in every Simple page.

I find that I can overwrite the simple page exhibition render file adding a show.php script in the folder /themes/berlin/simple-pages/page/show.php The script actually overwrites the Omeka simple page default script, but I couldnt call the two functions that render the exhibition nav menu (exhibit_builder_link_to_exhibit and exhibit_builder_page_tree) from this file, because the lack of a link to the file in which these functions are defined. I suppose that Zend Framework manages these relations in the suitable way, but I havent much knwoledge of the Framework. I would like to know how should be the most correct way to make the link. It should be always possible to add and requiere_once line, but it seems to rough… Thank you in advance for the answer

Saludos cordiales
Camilo Freire

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