Buying domain name, changing site name in Omeka S

I have a website hosted by a company, so I would usually assume they have to configure the domain mapping? I believe in Wordpress this can easily be done within the CMS itself, and I have searched through the Omeka-S documentation, I have looked through the Omeka admin options on the website, but I am not sure what options I have.

Is it not possible to change the domain name of an Omeka-S site through Omeka-S? I’m thinking of something like going from to

Thank you for any help

In general you don’t have to configure the domain name of your site through S. If you get a new domain name, it should just work.

We’re looking at possibly adding a setting for explicitly setting your site’s base URL, but this would be optional, for people the normal autodetection doesn’t work well for.

Sorry I think I left out some information in my original post.

I would like to change from to, and if I were to purchase a new name on GoDaddy, for example, I’m not quite sure how to map that across to Omeka. I presume I would have to talk to the people who manage the servers where my Omeka-S instance is currently hosted?

I can change the name of my site, but it would still have at the end. I’m not sure if that makes sense?

Thanks in advance!