Bulk Metadata Editor?


Is there currently a way to perform bulk metadata editing operations similar to the Bulk Metadata Editor plugin for Omeka Classic? For some reason, even though both databases are UTF-8, I’m getting messy results from the Omeka 2 Importer when metadata from the Omeka instance was encoded in HTML. Diacritics and spaces are showing up as their HTML encodings such as &nbsp and &eacute etc.

I’d love to be able to essentially find and replace these errors and anticipate having a need to bulk edit records based on collections or item sets.


Tristan Dahn
Digital Projects Librarian
Historical Medical Library of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia


Driven by requests from my colleagues at Pacific, I’ve been working on a module that provides some of the Bulk Metadata Editor functionality for Omeka S. I believe I have it in working condition at https://github.com/lauraleif/MetadataEditor and will work on preparing to register it for Omeka.org.

There are some differences in functionality, due to differences between Omeka S and Omeka Classic.

The following metadata edits are supported:

  • Search and replace text (replace a search phrase with different text for all of the selected items)
  • Search and replace text with PHP regular expression (no replacement happens if the regular expression is invalid)
  • Prepend text to existing metadata in the selected properties
  • Append text to existing metadata in the selected properties
  • Use delimiter to separate elements into multiple properties
  • Deduplicate in the selected properties

Edits are only applied to the selected item sets and properties.

However, we use Omeka S fairly narrowly and I’d like to get some feedback (collaborators welcome too). For example, for property values in Omeka S, you have the option of using a text/literal value, using a URI, or using another item. We only use literal values, so I don’t have a clear idea of how you would or would not want to bulk edit the URI or item values nor do I have a good set of test data for those scenarios. As is, it only edits literal or text property values. Properties with URI or Omeka resources instead of text values will not be edited.

Testers are welcome, although I would recommend using test data sets or the previews to understand how it works, since the edits are permanent.

Laura Eiford
Systems & Applications Librarian, Pacific University

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