Bulk Export - Formatters to display in resource pages

I may be misunderstanding this module feature, but I believe that it enables you to display csv, json, etc. links on an item page (similar to Omeka Classic).

So within the Admin > Settings (Global Settings) of the Omeka-S installation, when Bulk Export is installed one of the options available in the admin UI is “Formatters to display in resource pages”. I’ve enabled this, but nothing shows up on my item pages.

Assuming there is some hook that needs to be present in the theme in order to display them, I tried switching to the Default theme, but still nothing there.

Can anyone comment on whether I’m interpreting this feature correctly, and/or if you have implemented hyperlinks to CSV, JSON, JSON-LD, etc. formats from your item pages?

Your public theme, in the corresponding template (e.g. show.phtml), needs to have the following line:

<?php $this->trigger('view.show.after'); ?>

In the administration theme, Bulk Export should always be shown displaying and listing items.

Anyway, I think it is better that you ask your question directly to the developer: https://gitlab.com/Daniel-KM/Omeka-S-module-BulkExport


Yes I have the view.show.after in my theme’s item/show.phtml file.

I also tested a new sub-site with the Default theme and turned on the Bulk Export settings - so at this point I’ve confirmed that the Bulk Export formatters (csv, json, etc.) do not display publicly.

Does anyone have an Omeka-S site in which they are making these metadata formats available to users? And if so, how? Perhaps you are manually constructing the link in the theme?

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