Bulk editing to add Item Set to an item as a Linked Resource?

Hello All!

I have about 1500 Items on my in-process Omeka S Site, and I would consider them all to be (in humanities research terms) ‘primary sources’. They are letters, collection objects, and manuscripts. These are all created using DC Terms (with Alternative Titles) for their metadata.

I also have a large body of scholarly research (maybe 200 articles and books by historians) in my Zotero instance, which I would consider to be ‘secondary sources’, or commentary/context on/for the ‘primary sources’. The metadata for these derives from Zotero, which mainly uses Bibo Terms (bibliographical terms).

Mindful of the difference between DC Terms and Bibo Terms (and sensitive to this on advice from @coret about mixing different ontologies) I have been thinking about how best to connect the ‘secondary sources’ to the ‘primary sources’ so that both can retain their appropriate metadata ontologies but be brought into view together for users on the same page. I will be importing the Zotero data and metadata into the Omeka S instance, retaining the Bibo ontology that comes along with it.

I am thinking of using Linked Resources in the Item functions to connect Bibo-described ‘secondary’ sources’ to each DC-Term-described ‘primary source’ Item. I will have about 1500 ‘primary sources’ to edit in order to add in the Linked Resources to each of those 1500 or so Items.

That feels like a lot of editing! Therefore, I am considering clustering my ‘secondary sources’ into four Item Sets, each of which relates to a spatio-temporal context.
Clustering the ‘secondary sources’ into four Item Sets will help to reduce the permutations of linking between ‘primary sources’ and ‘secondary sources’.

However, it looks like Bulk Edit does not enable bulk editing of Linked Resources functions… and I will still have 1500 items to edit. Is there any way to do this with greater automation, or for Bulk Edit to be adjusted to accommodate this kind of editing of Linked Resources?

Grateful for all advice and thanks for thinking along with me!


Are you saying that you’d be linking each “main” item to one of those four sets, i.e. that four big batch updates would be sufficient? Or are you looking for something more granular?

The regular core batch editing features let you add a value to the whole batch, and this value can be a linked resource.

Thank you, John! Yes, you’ve understood correctly – four big batch updates to enable four grouped Item Sets to be Linked Resources to Items. I would use Advanced Search in Items to select the four groupings of Items to connect to each of the four Item Sets.

What’s also really helpful about your response is that I now understand the differences between the Omeka S core function of Batch Editing’ and the add-on Module called Bulk Edit. I don’t think you can use the Bulk Edit Module to do what I want to do – and it doesn’t need to, since you’ve already built it into the core functions of Omeka S! :star_struck:

Many thanks, CBRfan