Bulk edit to add language tags to multivalue property?

I’m using 3 values for the title and subject properties using a multivalue separator in my CSV import. The three values are displayed each on a line which is what I want. Is there a way to add the language TAG before each of the values via a bulk edit? I installed the bulk edit module but haven’t figured out if it is possible. When I edit an item I can manually include the language tag for each: EN, ES, PT, but I’m hoping to be able to edit all at once to include it. This is how it looks like when I do the import: https://omeka.hpc.fau.edu/s/arquinslide/item/2473 and this is what I would like to accomplish for all in a bulk edit: The Arquin Slide Collection · Paracas textile; Necropolis period · Arquin Catalogue


Have you already imported all of your items? If not, you could split the title and subject properties into six columns (2 properties * 3 languages) and then specify in the CSV Import process which language tag goes with which properties (in other words, you wouldn’t use the multivalue separator, but the values in the three languages would end up grouped together under the correct property headings after the import). Otherwise, using Bulk Edit, I think for each instance you’d need to find and replace the exact text of the property you’re looking for (i.e., put the same text in both fields) and then add in the correct language tag (with “set a language”). This would probably be very impractical if you are working with multiple items with separate titles, but if the subjects are the same across multiple items then maybe it would work there.

Thankfully I have not imported all items and splitting into columns instead of doing multivalue separation is possible. I just tested and works great. Thanks for the suggestion.

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