Bulk Edit "Sites" for Items

I completed a successful Omeka Classic to Omeka S (hooray!). There are now two main sites, one with the imported items (~700 items) and another one I built from an HTML site (~60 items).

Unfortunately, I didn’t play around with the settings for the default site so it displays them all in the browse function and the second site is browsing the 700+ items that aren’t related. Is there a way to bulk edit (more than 1 item at a time) the “Sites” tab? If not, should I just remove the imported items and re-import them with the default site set in settings for that import?


You should be able to go to the site itself and reset the universe of resources that are attached to it.

Sorry for the delayed response. This did the trick, but only because all the items that I didn’t want on the site were part of item sets (phew). I will make sure when new imports happen that the right site is set as default only.

Thanks again!

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