Buk Edit module gives fatal error

I have an Omeka S 3.2.3 container based on php/8.0-apache with the Bulk Edit 3.3.19 module in the modules folder. When I try to install it in the Admin dashboard I get the following error:

Fatal error: Access level to BulkEdit\Module::stringToList() must be public (as in class Generic\AbstractModule) in /var/www/html/modules/BulkEdit/Module.php on line 2522

Looks like there’s a conflict with the Generic module. These are both @Daniel_KM modules so he’d probably be better able to speak to it, but I’m thinking you maybe just need to move one or the other of those to a different version so they’re compatible?

Bulk Edit 3.3.18 seems to work fine. Odd that 3.3.18 and 3.3.19 were both released the same day. Thanks.