Bug? Persistent Identifier Module and Resource Page Blocks

Hello, this pertains to Omeka-S 4.1.0-rc and Persistent Identifiers 1.1.1

I have used the “Configure resource pages” functionality to design my Item Page. That all worked very well (great feature!).

I think installed and activated Persistent Identifiers. After activation, my websites no longer display the configured item page but seem to show a default view.

I deactivated Persistent Identifiers and all seems to be back to normal. This is across several sites and different themes.

BTW, where are the configuration values for “Configure resource pages” stored??

Just a note up top that 4.1.0-rc is a pre-release non-final version. It’s more intended for testing and for developers to check out the new features and check for possible incompatibilities.

Moving on, I’m not aware of any incompatibility between Persistent Identifiers and the customized resource pages. Are you sure that’s what’s happening here?

As to your question about the resource page data, it’s stored as a theme setting (meaning a configured resource page is specific to the theme that’s active at the time you configure it). Theme settings are themselves stored as site settings in the site setting table.

Hello, thank you for the response. Yes, very clear on 4.1.0-rc being a candidate release. We wanted to check out the new page layout options as we plan our next iteration of work.

I am not clear on how more sure I could be about the Persistent ID and resource page configurations interacting this way — but open to ideas. The resource page configs worked, I activated the PID module and they did not work (both Foundation and Freedom). I changed the resource page configs to see if rewriting them to the DB would fix it - no change. I did not even consider the PID module as it seemed so unlikely. But as soon as I deactivated it the resource page configs started working.

Just now I took two photos - one where the resource page configs are working. I then went to Modules and activated the PID module, came back and refreshed the page and took second photo with configs not working.

If there is anything else you would like me to try or look into let me know. Thank you!

Just an edit to say that I did check the database and the entry is correct. I made changes to the config, saved and the database updated correctly. In the generated webpage the relevant element is:


With PID Off:

With PID On:

Is the URL the same for this page both times?

The second one looks like a completely different page.

Hello! Yes, the URL is identical: https://www.x.x/item/608

And yes, they are completely different pages indeed, because in the second image, the resource page configurations are not being applied.

I am available to jump on a zoom if you want to see this “live.”

And just to be clear, is the URL the same in the URL bar after you visit it? Or in either case do you get redirected to another URL?

As for “different pages,” I don’t mean simply that they look different, which obviously is expected if the configuration isn’t applied. What I mean is that the second page isn’t the “default, no configuration” item show page either, it’s a different page.

Oh, and a final question: are you using another module that changes the default URLs? I think you must be, as the example URL you gave, that’s not a “normal” out of the box Omeka S public item URL. I’m thinking this is an incompatibility between PersistentIdentifiers and another module, if I had to guess.

Arg! Yes, you are correct – it was the Domain Manager module that was the conflict. If I switch it off I will get the URL pattern you were looking for: https://www.x.x/s/mysite/item/608, and I can toggle Persistent ID off and on and the pages returned are no longer different.

Our goal is to have this www.subdomain.domain/item/608 type of URL and I will have to look into how to solve that without the Domain Manager module as we do want to implement Persistent IDs.

Thank you!