'Browse Item Sets' Navigation not returning anything

I’m trying to add navigation that would list all of the item sets created, but when I use the ‘Browse Item Sets’ Navigation button, it won’t return anything. The item sets are all public, and all associated with the site in question.

Am I missing something?

You have to give a query for the Browse Item Sets block in the navigation.

The easiest way to do this is to (in another window) do an advanced item set search for item sets “in site pool” for the site you’re working on, and then copy and paste part of the query into the Browse Item Set navigation block’s “Query” field.

Thank you for the question - we’ll work on making this clearer in the documentation.

This seems like it might be related to the issue about query blocks?

Related, although this is the navigation rather than site page. But yes, clear emphasis that a query is required would probably be useful.

Thank you both - I’ve resolved this.

FYI - I didn’t realize that I hadn’t assigned the Item set to the Site Pool. On the site page, it showed the Item Sets, so I thought I was good to go. I added the Sets to the Pool, and it worked even without a query added.

We might also be hitting up against a subtle language issue – whether the goal is to browse Items Sets themselves, or browse Items within those Item Sets?

@brandontlocke’s response that just got in front of my last question might sound like the goal was about the items within the sets (yay simultaneous posts! :slight_smile: )?

The goal was to list all of the item sets (not the items within the sets), and that worked correctly without any query.