Browse Collections Sort Order

Hi -
I would like to use Browse Collections as my home page.
However, the only way to get the Collections to sort descending by title is to add the query string to the url:
I’m using the Default Sort plugin, but it does not work on the Collection Browse page (which defaults to sorting by date added).
Is there any way to set the default sort in browse.php so I would not need to use the query string on my home page?

A quick look on the Default Sort plugin page on GitHub shows that the plugin should work for collections as well. Which versions of the plugin and Omeka you use?

Hi -
My Omeka version is 2.7.1
I’m using the Default Sorti plugin from GitHub ( There is only one published version.
Setting it for Collections has no effect on the browse page for Collections.

I think you should ask the question directly to the plugin developers on GitHub.
On the plugin page, there is an issue for the collections sorting problem ( , and looks like it is solved by the latest pull request.


Thanks - that did it.
I applied patch #4 (
The patch hasn’t been Merged into the plugin yet.
Thanks again,

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