Browse collection by tags


Hi All,

I’ve been reading many posts relating to browsing collections or tags or extracting tags from collections but I could not find anything about browsing collections by tags. I understand that items are tagged and in order to browse the collection by a tag, you need to check in each item in that collection for the specified tag . Basically I would like to have urls on my homepage to allow for user to click on Browse collection by [tag] eg Browse collection by rare books or Browse collection by asian collections etc. It would be handy to have a function available.

I was wondering is there already some sort of php function or hack that may already exist I could include in my code? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:


By “browse collection by tag” you mean the results that users will see will be items, or collections?

In other words, do you want this to be “the items in Collection X that have Tag Y” or something else? Or are you not involving the “Collection” at all?