""Browse by collection" redirecting to "search all"

I am using Omeka (v. 2.6.1) to publish historic letters, which are grouped by year. When I go to “Browse by collection” and select “View the item in [relevant year]” it automatically redirects me to all 3000 items that we have entered, rather than just the ones in the collection I’m looking for. In hovering over the link, it shows as directing to monroepapers.com/collections/show/[relevant collection number] but it takes me to monroepapers.com/find. I can’t find where the redirect is coming from - any suggestions on where to look or how to resolve?

Thanks in advance.

What plugins do you have installed?

I looked at your item records and noticed it looks like you have Search by Metadata installed, but clicking on those fields also results in an error, which makes me think something is up with any http://monroepapers.com/items/browse? search browse.

Thanks for the quick response. I have the following plug-ins installed:

  • Archive Repertory
  • AvantSearch/AvantCommon
  • CSV Import
  • Item Relations
  • Search By Metadata
  • Record Relations
  • PDF Text
  • PDF Embed

I tried deactivating Search by Metadata but it didn’t resolve the issue. The fact that that isn’t working correctly is next on my list of things to resolve.

Try deactivating Avant Search

That seems to have done it! Thank you.

You’re welcome!

You might make a comment/issue on the github repository or otherwise reach out to the developer of that plugin to figure out what causes the problem.

I will do that, thank you!