Browse body property in The Daily theme

I am using Omeka S and the Daily theme. I noticed recently that the Browse Body property from the Site Settings does not display in this theme.

How can I get this back?


See below of screenshots:

I believe The Daily intentionally doesn’t display “body” content on its browse to avoid having large values disrupt the grid-based design (the default body property being a description)

The Daily instead prints dates, if they exist, in that location. You can edit this to show something different by editing view/omeka/site/item/browse.phtml, where the code


is responsible for getting the date. You can change out 'dcterms:date' for 'dcterms:identifier' or any other property you want to print instead.

Is there a way to make both of these configurable again using the site settings?

While I understand why the change was made, I would like the ability to manage these without having to create a separate theme for each change as I experiment. One site can use dates just fine, but another would be better with Identifiers, and another with the creator. That’s two new themes already!

We’ll look into this: on a technical level there’s no reason it can’t be hooked up that way in this theme like the others… it may just need some tweaking to, for example, restrict the output to a single row.

Thanks for doing that! The more that is configurable through the site and theme settings the better, because diving into the code is very confusing when you don’t have the right background.

Hmm. Here is an example were the identifier went on to two lines by accident, I have to clean it up the extra text in there. So far it is not too bad, the rest of the rows still match up in the page, so the grid layout seems to be intact at the two line point.