Broken Links Error 404

I installed ubuntu 18.04 with LAMP. I created a new database and then populated with original database info. I bought the server up and it says upgrade the MySQL database and I did. I copied over the files, plugins and themes. The web site looks like the original but what ever link I click on, I get error 404 not found. I had read that some of the plugins do not work with different versions of Omeka 2.7. Is that database corrupt? I am not sure what the issue is. I have a list of plugins and the versions from phpmyadmin, which I did upgrade to 4.9.1.
Linux Ubuntu 18.04
Apache2 2.4.29
MySQL-server is 5.7.21
PHP 7.2

Here are the plugin versions

Here is the second part of the plugin list.
HistoryLog 2.6
SearchByMetadata 1.2.1
Docsviewer 2.0
ItemRelations 2.02
CleanUrl 2.14
Videostream 2.2.1

Getting a 404 error on all links usually means you have an issue with your htaccess file.

Check out the troubleshooting docs for 404 errors; the issue is usually related to the .htaccess file, the AllowOverride setting for your Apache server, or the mod_rewrite Apache module.

I added a AllowOverride All section to path of Omeka and restarted apache2 and now the links work. Thank you so much for the help.