Breadcrumbs in pages

Is there an existing site, theme, or module setting that will display breadcrumbs on site pages?

I see breadcrumbs in the theme.jpg file of the Default, Cozy, and Thanks Roy themes, but I can’t figure out how to get them to show up at the top of my child pages.

I tried using the Block Plus module, but it’s not working as expected. Every page displays “Home” > “Current page”. The levels between Home and the current page don’t show up, and “Current page” displays instead of the actual page title.

I’m using Omeka 4.0.4

I’m pretty sure this is a me-problem, and I’ll be grateful for any direction! Thanks.

I figured out the problem. It’s the Clean URL module. When I deactivate Clean URL, the breadcrumbs work as expected. I’ll submit an issue in the module’s repository.