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We’re investigating using Omeka in the short term to provide access to our yearbooks. We’d really like to utilize the Universal Viewer so that we can have facing pages. Unfortunately, at this point I can’t figure out how to bulk upload the page files. I can add separate JPEGs via Sideload, but then have to manually add each file to the item. If I upload as a single PDF, I just get endless scrolling through the document. I feel like I must be missing something obvious. Does anyone else have a solution to this?

Hello, I see this is from almost a year ago. I am working on a similar project and wondering if you ever found a solution to your problem. I haven’t loaded any media as of yet. I’m actually still figuring out how to configure the UV differently for each site within Omeka S.

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To upload multiple files by item, you can use the csv import, that has three possible modes for that: items (with a multi-valued column “files”), medias (one row by file), or "mixed resource (one row for the item and one row for each file).

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Thank you, @Daniel_KM. I would love to see a spreadsheet example for “mixed resource” to use with CSV import.
I have files in Sideload ready to match up with the dcterms:identifier. I hope that it will work when I’m ready.
I have a row for each item with all the metadata along with the object identifier (filename) and then rows beneath that with only the dcterms:identifier filled in with the filenames and their extensions that match the actual media files. the object identifier/filename does not match any of the media files so I’m not sure it’s necessary, as it only acts as an object level identifier.

Does an example spreadsheet exist?


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I just reread my post and it is oh so confusing. Here is a screenshot of part of a spreadsheet I hope to import using CSVImport:

The children with filename extensions (_001, _002) are below their parent.

Will the CSVImport module recognize the children and place them as one item, or will it create an item for each row? There is no media associated with the parent only the rows with the filename extensions. All of the descriptive metadata lives with the parent row.

Thank you for your help!