Blog function for omeka

Hi everyone,

I’m wandering if there’s a blog plugin so I can post some news and some short articles?


In our project we have developed a plugin that lets you display posts from a wordpress site on you Omeka site. This plugin is still in beta stage but will hopefully be matured enough in early 2017.
Could this be of interest to you?

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That means, I would have to run a wordpress on a subdirectory to feed everything on the main (omeka) website. I guess that could work. I was trying to find the SimpleBlogs plugin, but shortly after realized that it’s not working any more.

If there is not a lot of frequently updated content, Simple Pages might suffice, with a little bit of work to manage the subpages and navigation to make it look more bloggy.

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your answer. That is exactly what I ended up doing. It would have been nice if in case of much data, pagination would be possible though.

Would definitely be interested in something along those lines!