Blank (white) thumbnails

Hi friends! Been trying to figure this out, but can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. I’m probably just missing something obvious.

I’ve been reuploading some pdfs on an archive I’m working on and the file uploads seem to keep appearing as just blankor white spaces. Example;

They serve as fine links, and the docu viewer works great. Just can’t seem to get the thumbnails to work.

Thanks for the help in advance. You buds are lifesavers!


That PDF seems to encode the scanned image… interestingly. But, I don’t have a problem getting a thumbnail of it, so I think the problem here is going to be with your server’s version of Ghostscript, the library for reading PDFs. The Ghostscript installed on that server can’t read the image embedded in the PDF properly.

The solution would depend on what the hosting situation looks like, probably.