Blank plugin shell or template

Hoping patrickmj or danielkm might respond here :slight_smile:

Does anyone have a “blank Omeka plugin shell”, along the lines of this Wordpress plugin templtae:

I know I could just open up one of the simpler plugins and sort of hack away, but it would be nice to have confidence about what is part of the required shell and what is open for me to input.

I could do my homework first in that way if you prefer, just let me know! It might encourage more plugins though if there was a starter template/shell.

  • Ben Bakelaar

Hi Ben,

Yes, you can use any simple plugin in all of the plugins that exist (see I don’t know a basic plugin, but you can take a look at

Thanks Daniel, this one looks promising.

I haven’t done much to update them lately, but here’s three that aren’t quite blank plugins, but ones that I’ve used in workshops with developers. Each demonstrates the concept in the name

Patrick’s comment is a useful illustration: the actual required “shell” of a plugin is very very small. Where you want to start depends quite a bit on what you want to do: add new pages, add tables to the database, simply alter existing functionality or display, etc.

Thanks Patrick and John! I realized that after poking around some of the plugins on Daniel’s list - I tried out Admin User Management and saw how small it was, but it didn’t give me the starting point I needed, which is more table based. Then I found Database Transfer, which is much closer to my intended use case! I was able to create a copy, modify class names, etc. in about 10 minutes. Now I have to ping Daniel KM to see if we can combine CSVImportPlus with Database Transfer to make the ideal data import plugin!

I’m also poking around now for something that can do paginated table display, for instance a user wanting to review or search the SQL tables within the Omeka plugin prior to proceeding with a mapped import.

I think users wanting to import from an existing SQL table is close to a standard use case, but the view/search portion might be a more niche need. After all, there are plenty of packages out there like phpMyAdmin, DBNinja, etc. - but those are still techie-oriented interfaces, whereas Omeka admin interface is simpler, more user-friendly - can be used by directors, admin staff, and students.

There was a Omeka 1.5 plugin that allowed to import google Spreadsheet to Omeka via CSV Import ( It’s probably possible to do the same for Omeka Classic. For the check before import, there is nothing like this and you probably have to export your sql table first into a standard spreadsheet. Users know LibreOffice more than mysql.

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