Blank page / internal server error with AdvancedSearch module


I’m using the AdvancedSearch module on Omeka S 3.1.1, with the ‘internal’ SQL setting, and I’m getting a lot of blank pages with error 500 - internal server error in the console.

The issue seems connected with the facets. As a matter of fact, even without searching for anything (e.g. all items shown on page load) and then clicking on a facet, generates the error and I only get a white page when my link is something like /find?facet[dcterms:subject][0]=Scottish fiction. Yes, I have the Reference module and yes, I have indexed.

This happens both on the front-end and in the back-end.

Am I the only one facing this issue?

The issue was a memory limit on the server.

I use the module with big database and my last releases (module Reference) were designed to fix this point, with an index of all values, so normally output should be quick and memory efficient. Or try to limit the number of facets in the config of the search form.

I had to have the systems administrators increase the php memory_limit otherwise it was unusable. I have a database with 32000+ items, and three facets. It was giving constant errors before. Now it could be faster: an empty search (no query, no facet) takes around 15 seconds. Still, better than getting error 500.

I’m using version of the module.

Facets are managed by module Reference (it avoids to duplicate many code because the queries are the same). It should be one of the last versions with the index of values (

I have indeed Reference version

Did you try to limit the number of facet items by facet?

What do you mean? In the search manager configure? Yes, as I wrote, I have three configured facets.

There are options below where you can limit the number of facets :

Oh, right, OK. Well, 10 is the bare minimum. I just changed it to 5 and the loading of the results didn’t change. You can see it here. Anyway, if that’s normal for a 32000+ items, that’s fine, as long as there’s something I can do to speed it up.

I’m going to fetch your database (via the api with module Bulk Import, that can import any json or xml endpoint), so I’ll can try directly to find where the issue is.

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I have imported all the items and facets are working instantly, i can give you my url if needed.
Did you index references (in the bottom of the omeka main settings) ?

Hello Daniel, yes I did.

Thank you for your troubleshooting work, a link would be great, and the server specifications too.


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