Blank page after a query with Solr

Hi all,

I’m trying to install the Solr Plugin in Omeka but I’m encountering a problem of querys. I managed to install Solr 6.5 (with all the modifications that I’ve seen on this topic : and the plugin SolrSearch, the indexation went well. But when I search some words randomly in my search engine, sometimes I’ve got results and sometimes I’ve got only a blank page. And it’s not because there are no results because I already had the case “0 results”.
It’s weird because sometimes the same query can give me results and a few minutes later I will have a blank page.
I thought it was a problem with the Solr version so I also tried with Solr 4.9.1 but I still have this problem.
I checked the Solr logs and here is what I get when there is a blanck page :

INFO - 2017-04-25 12:12:18.381; org.apache.solr.core.SolrCore; [omeka] webapp=/solr path=/select params={facet.field=tag&facet.field=collection&facet.field=itemtype&facet.field=37_s&facet.field=38_s&facet.field=39_s&facet.field=40_s&facet.field=45_s&facet.field=49_s&hl=true&*_t&facet=true&wt=json&facet.sort=count} hits=404 status=0 QTime=50312

I’ve looked in several forums and I really don’t see where is the problem.

Can you see where this is come from ? Have you ever had this problem ?

Thank you !


not sure about that but this looks like a network issue. In your log message, QTime indicates in milliseconds how much time Solr spent on processing your query : in your case, 50 sec is suspicious…
In addition, if you only face this problem occasionally, I think this could be a network issue. Do you have any system and network administrator who could have a look in the logs and help you ?

Didn’t face this kind of issue with my config though…

Sorry, maybe someone will be able to provide more valuable help


I think this might come from the server. It swaps and has few free memory. (I don’t know if it’s very clear).
I will meet the IT management, maybe they will find the solution.

Thank you for your time !

It’s quite possible that the issue isn’t with Solr but instead your server and in particular PHP. For example, PHP installations have a per-process memory limit, and when that limit is reached they’ll just end execution which causes the browser to display a blank page. If you have access to the php.log file, you may want to check it to see if there are any errors that would have ended execution, or otherwise contact your IT staff to investigate.