Bilingual content/internationalisation

I was really excited to see the news about Omeka S, but looking through the roadmap was a little disspointed to see that it didnt have any mention of internationalisation.

Will the new software allow users to switch languages, so they can view the content in their native tongue. As a bilingual country, we usually go with two Omeka installations one for each language, but this has many problems and we are looking to move away from this.

I understand we can switch theme etc languages, but what about content, has the database been set up to handle multilingual content, has this been considered during the foundation build out of the project?

Many thanks

Yes, Omeka S will have much better support for internationalisation. All metadata values can have a language set to them. So, two title values can have different languages stored in the database.

I don’t think we’ve quite determined how that will appear on the public display. Initially, probably all those values will be displayed. Questions like whether a user could set their preferred language, or whether we would respond to browser settings for preferred language, are still to be determined. I suspect that those features would be handled by an addon module, rather than in the core, but these are all open questions right now.

Thats great to hear, we would be keen to be involved in any discussions around this should you need input.

Personally we would try and go away from browser settings, and allow the user to choose, rather than forcing them down a language they may not want to use. A good example of this is, at work users may have their language set to English, but would prefer to read the content on our website in Welsh, this is a choice that should be left to the user and not presumed from device settings in our experience.

Thanks again.

Good example! We’ll keep it in mind. Thanks

Is there any news on this yet? I am currently facing the problem that I want to display the name of the resource template in different languages. In the backend I cannot create a translation, only one label can be entered (but not in different languages).
As a workaround I could imagine to store the translations in a separate text file and query them.

Or what would be possible?

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