BigStuff changes - Compass vs direct CSS edit

I would like to make some changes to the appearance of the BigStuff theme, for instance changing the text color and background color of the main nav bar tabs at rest and when hovered over. Is it easier to use Compass/SCSS for such changes or to directly edit the style.css file?

If Compass/SCSS is easier, is it only changes to the .sccs file that needs to be saved to a version control system like Git to fully record all CSS changes?

I have had a go at directly editing the style.css file but not found it easy up to now to do what I want (it has been a while since I dabbled in CSS - found the precedence rules quite confusing back then!)

Grateful for any help - thank you.

Since first posting I stumbled here upon news that Compass is at end-of-life so Omeka Classic themes now use gulp - can anyone comment on this?

In general it’s up to you if you’re more comfortable editing the SASS or the output CSS. Some things will be easier to do in SASS, like if it’s a variable you’re changing or something else that’s used in many different styles, other things are about the same in either system.

On version control, if you’re using the SASS it’s “enough” to check that in, though many people will also keep the compiled CSS under version control just for simplicity. It’s also really an issue of personal preference.

Themes written by the Omeka team in general do not use Compass anymore, correct. Using any style compiler, or none at all, is totally up to each theme developer.

Thanks John for the advice. Being new to this I’d be interested to know which style compilers are currently used by the Omeka team & if there is any favourite.

We’re generally using Sass still, with PostCSS/Autoprefixer to handle cross-browser support for some features. Gulp is just a task runner, which we are currently using, but it’s just one of many ways to run the same tools.