Big sessions table

On my servers, the table “session” (in Omeka Classic and Omeka S) is bigger and bigger, a lot more than all other data, some gigabytes. Is it safe to truncate it regularly?

It’s safe to truncate the session table, yeah. Obviously if you truncate it totally, you’ll lose any active logins. You could also drop only the rows older than a certain date to avoid that being an issue.

When and whether old entries get cleared out in the normal course of operation is controlled by PHP settings for session garbage collection (by default there’s some randomness involved). On some distributions (Ubuntu at least comes to mind) that garbage collection is disabled by default in favor of a cron job that just regularly clears out sessions, but that cron job only handles file-based sessions in the default location, and so doesn’t do anything for database-stored sessions like Omeka’s.

Ok, thanks. I added such a task to the module Bulk Check.