Big Picture Theme - So close, one final issue

I successfully upgraded to 3.03 and moved over all my stuff from test to production. However, now I have the weirdest thing happening on the homepage that I cannot figure out.

I have random images appearing below the intro text on the homepage. I have no featured collections, the only featured items are in the top slideshow. I don’t see anywhere how these are being pulled in. I don’t want any of them there. How do I turn this off?


This is how I want it to look:

In the Omeka Classic themes, we often display the most recent items added to a site on the homepage. That’s what you’re seeing. You can remove them by going to your index.php file in your theme directory and removing the following lines:

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We found another issue with the theme (at least I think it is the theme). PDF thumbnails in browse open to a black square on the item page. You cannot view the PDF. I have the doc viewer installed, not sure what else would need to be added.

See: Arlyck, Elisabeth Cardonne -- interview,arlyck_elisabethcardonne.pdf · Harry Roseman: A Chronicle

Looking at your example link, the file is supposed to be a PDF but has a JPG extension. The slider is showing the original filename as "". Try downloading the original file locally (, changing the file extension to PDF, and reuploading.