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Is there a way to make the menu in the Big Picture theme across the top and only burger access in mobile mode/sizes? The faculty member I am building the site for thinks no one will know the burger is the menu.

If I can’t get a horizontal drop down menu they said they’d be willing to compromise if I put the word menu next to the burger icon. How do I do that?


I don’t think the theme can do a full menu. You would be better off selecting another theme and doing some custom design on it to bring back whatever Big Picture elements you like (if you let me know which those are, I can try to help with that).

It is possible to add the word “Menu” or something similar to the hamburger icon (or replace the icon with the word, etc.):

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how to do this with the CSS Editor plugin, because it strips out some selectors based on HTMLPurifier (in this case, “:before”). You can manually edit CSS files inside the installation folders to achieve the same effect, if you’re willing to do that. These changes would be erased with future updates to the Big Picture theme, though.

Inside the theme folder (yourinstall/themes/bigpicture/) you’ll find a folder called “CSS” and a file inside that called “style.css”. On line 238 or thereabouts of that file, you’ll see:

.menu-toggle:before {
content: “”;

Change it to

.menu-toggle:before {
content:" Menu  ";

or whatever your desired text is. It may appear as in the above image (not quite aligned, bad font, etc.) that you can modify further using CSS Editor or in the file directly.

Thanks! I am too deep into this to change themes. I need to try to add the word menu then. I will try what you suggested.

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