Best practices for bilingual exhibit

Hi, everyone.

I am working on creating an exhibit with Omeka Plus. One of our requirements is that we need the exhibit to be bilingual to reflect the university’s status as a site for Welsh-language and English-language research and learning. Typically, the university likes to set Welsh and English side-by-side rather than leading with one language and following with another to avoid the appearance of a linguistic hierarchy. Does anyone have recommendations for best practices here? Is there any way for us to set columns of text side by side within the exhibit?

Much appreciate any help and guidance! Thanks so much/diolch yn fawr!


Hi. Just a comment on the “side-by-side” issue: on mobile devices, two columns would be too narrow, so you would have anyway to choose which language to display first in a responsive environment…

Thanks, Daniele. Appreciate your comment – and you make a good point.

We’re thinking of another option: creating two matching exhibits with one in Welsh and one in English. Does anyone have any comparable experience? If we were to pursue this, is there some way that we could duplicate the exhibit (structure and images) so that we wouldn’t have to completely rebuild everything and we could just plug in the Welsh text?