Best examples of mobile-ized Omeka sites?

Does anyone have any recommendations or examples of modern looking Omeka sites that format well on mobile?

For instance, is one of the nicest I’ve seen (but I’ve only been to about a dozen Omeka sites).

Considering using Omeka for a new project rather than Wordpress, it has a lot of benefits over Wordpress in this case, but the client may expect a certain level of look and feel, which it seems to me most of the Omeka classic themes do not provide.

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Histories of the National Mall was build on Omeka expressly for mobile.

Depending on what sort of content you’re looking to build, you might also be interested in the Curatescape package built on/for Omeka.

National Mall, ooh aahh! Much more in line with a modern web experience. And the map component is great as well! I could easily use this for my project.

But I suppose it is a custom theme that is not available open source?

I may build a baseline Bootstrap 4 theme for my 1 (maybe 2) projects… in which case, I might be able to adapt an existing BS4 open-source theme. My concern in that case is not the “frame” but modifying all of the existing views to flow and fall into place with BS4 CSS classes.

The Mall theme is fairly customized, but everything is available on GitHub and linked from the Technical Infrastructure section of the “how we did it” Guide.

AWEsome. Thank you so much! Between CurateScape and the Mall building guide, I have everything I could need!!

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