Berlin Theme - Spacing between multiple entries for one header

How do I add a space between entries in a single field type. For instance in this example attached I have Performances and they are listed but hard to read because they are so close together. I have tried looking in the CSS and I am not sure where to do this.

Try to find class of the div container that holds each of your performances and add in your css file (for instance):
.your_performance_div_classname {
margin-bottom: 1rem;
You can also use the CSS Editor plugin to configure the style from the admin panel, rather than editing theme’s css file.

If you want more detailed suggestion, please share a link to the web page.

Thanks! I figured it out and it looks great now. I also updated the colors to match our branding. My last bit of frustration is trying to figure out how to change the blue background to the search button. I have tried all the code viewing the css and using inspect without any luck.

I added:
#search-container {


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