BatchUpload plugin

I’n brand new to using Omeka Classic - I’m assisting a non-profit organization digital image archive in migrating a 40,000 file collection from a dead platform to Omeka.

Obviously that means batch importing, so I’ve been testing the CSVimport and the BatchUpload and Dropbox plugins. I’ve successfully uploaded a set of 200 images into a collection using CSVimport from an S3 bucket. My understanding is that the Dropbox plugin really only supports the use case where you already have items and need to connect the image files to those items; you can’t use the Dropboc plugin to load images and metadata to create items.

One of our use cases is to support uploading from a local machine, which I know CSVimport does not support. But I just have not been able to get BatchUpload to work with local files on the PC. I gets to Step 3 of 4 and just sits there, process idicator flashing, never showing me any files or uploading them. I suspect I’m doing something simple wrong, like not properly specifying the path to the files on the local computer. The manual is silent on how it expects the files to be identified in the CSV. Has anyone been using the BatchUpload?

If you do not get a response here, you might reach out to the BatchUpload creators on GitHub

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