Batch import of images with metadata

I need some help with a project, and I’m trying to find the best solution to add multiple images with related metadata from an access db on Omeka S.
I currently have a csv file with local image paths, image format and image names, description et cetera. I have installed the CSV import module but I don’t seem to find a way to add the images at the same time. The images are around 3000. Can you suggest some strategy? Thank you in advance.

Hi, I was able to do something similar using File Sideload in combination with CSV import. It took a bit of troubleshooting to figure out, but was super effective at creating items with images attatched once I got it.

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You might try moving your images to a web server and using the url of the file to load the image instead of a local image path. Other than as Tatiana suggests, I’ve not found a way to directly load images from a file system and then you are choosing the images one at a time.

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Thank you both, with the need to create lots of item sets and sub items with related images and metadata File Sideload is unfortunately not particularly efficient, although it works. I’m studying the option of uploading the images in Dropbox/Google Drive or something similar, then map the urls someway and associate them with the items, then upload items and urls at the same time with CSV import, the only remaining issue being the compliance of images from Dropbox/Google Drive with Omeka-S.

You can import metadata and images separately.

This worked consistently for me! Thanks

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