Batch edit to remove tags?

Is there a way to remove a tag shared by a group of items (for example, items found through an advanced search) without deleting the tag completely if you still need it for other items on your site?

Not an easy task, as far as I know. What I would do, given a tag TAG that is shared by group A and group B of items:

  1. search for Items tagged with TAG;
  2. select only the Items belonging to group B (the ones you want to keep the tag TAG for);
  3. add another similar tag, say TAG1, to group B;
  4. go to the Tags page, remove the tag TAG;
  5. still in the Tags page, rename TAG1 into TAG.

Not really straightforward, I know, but it could do the trick (depending on how many elements are in group B, as it might be tricky to select all of them).

If anybody has got a better way to do it, please share.

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