Batch Edit Item Type Metadata

I am looking for a way to batch edit Item Type Metadata the same way Item Metadata can be edited from the admin/items page. Is this possible?

The current batch edit options for Omeka Classic allow you to change the item type of all the selected items. It does not allow editing of the associated metadata for the items (for example, applying a new input to Creator). What exactly are you trying to do?

I have added custom Item Type Metadata fields for our location and am looking to batch edit those fields. For example, I can pull a list of all the items that share a specific Item Type Metadata and I am wanting to change the Item Type Metadata for all of them just not one at a time.

You want to batch update the fields of a specific Item Type for a number of items? There is not a way in the core Omeka Classic to do that, but you could try using the plugin Bulk Metadata Editor from UC Santa Cruz University Library

Thank you, I will check out the Bulk Metadata Editor.

The Bulk Metadata Editor is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much.

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