AvantRelationships - Relationships not displayed in Admin edit


I’m trying to install the AvantRelationships plugin.
Everything works correctly except for the Relationships tab that is not displayed when I edit an item.

If I create relationships directly in the database respecting the rules, they are displayed in the admin part and in the public part (diagram and pictures included).
if I modify the items (e.g. subject) to violate the rules I got an error message.

I have the feeling that all that is missing is the display of the relationship tab in item edit page (as per http://swhplibrary.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/5932-1.jpg).

Have you ever encountered the problem?

Configuration :

“Install from scratch”
Omeka Classic - Version 2.7.1
AvantCommon - Version 3.3.0
AvantRelationships - Version 2.0.0
No other plugin installed
User Profile : Super

I don’t know why the Relationships tab is not showing, but it might have to do with using AvantCommon 3.3.0 instead of the released version of AvantCommon 2.1.0 which is required for AvantRelationships 2.0.0. Those versions of AvantCommon are so different that I would expect you would be getting PHP errors and so I’m surprised that AvantRelationships is working at all. That might explain the error message you got. I suggest uninstalling AvantCommon 3.3.0 and then installing AvantCommon 2.1.0.

Note that the version 3.0 Avant plugins have not been formally released, but they are documented at digitalarchive.us if you are curious.

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Thank you for your quick reply. I had reverted to a basic version to find the issue but had not thought of a version incompatibility between AvantCommon and AvantRelationships.

I just took your advice and reverted to AvantCommon 2.1.0 and AvantRelationships 2.0.0 and everything works fine.

I have already been using the AvantSearch plugin for many months which is very useful and will now add AvantRelationship.

Thank you for your answer and more generally thank you for your plugins which allow me to classify my family archives and my different collections.

Very good christmas

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