AvantRelationships linking stays after uninstall

Hello, my problem is that I had installed the AvantRelationships plugin to tinker with and then decided to uninstall it - I followed the instructions, ticked the box to delete data from the database as well, however, items retain the links (while not pointing to anything else…). How can I remove the hyperlinks from every item? Thanks in advance for any advice :slight_smile:

Could you clarify what you mean by “items retain the links” or could you show a screenshot. If you have deactivated the AvantRelationships plugin, it cannot create links and there should be nothing leftover from when it was installed. I’ll try to help if I can first understand the problem you are having.

Okay, sorry, if my terminology is not clear, will try to clarify what I mean :slight_smile:

So, the items in the collection yielded pure text on the front end, item types did not have any hyperlink, they were not connected to anything else. After installing and activating the plugin, here is what it looks like:

Now, when uninstalling the plugin, these links stay there, they do not disappear (and I can still see the tables in the database, even though I checked the box that I want to delete it completely).

Hope it elucidates the problem - thank you so much for your quick response.

Oooops, sorry for the confusion: the link structure was maintained by another plugin… however, I still don’t understand why the plugin’s tables do not get deleted from the database.

I think those links might be generated by “Search by Metadata” plugin…

Yes, you are absolutely correct, sorry for the confusion. However, the database question still applies.

Plugins are responsible for their own uninstallation processes. From a quick look at AvantRelationships’s code, it looks like it should be removing its tables when the plugin is uninstalled.

If you’re seeing some or all of them left behind, you could report it to the plugin’s developer.

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