Avantrelationships Item Name Error

I’m using Omeka through Reclaim Hosting on a Chromebook. I’ve downloaded the Avantrelationships plugin, and I’m trying to establish relationships between items. Per the items’ metadata, one item is a Person and the other is a Physical Object. I’ve created rules to add relationships to these (specifically to note that a book was written by a person or a person wrote a book). I keep receiving an error that states that the rules are invalid: “The ‘wrote’ relationship was not accepted because the rule ‘a Person’ is invalid. Please report the exact text of this error to your Omeka system administrator.” I have attached an image of the rules here.

I keep messing around with the rules and trying to write it out differently, but I think I may be overlooking a simple fix. Would anyone be able to help?

Relationship rules can take awhile to understand, but the documentation here should help:

Your Person and Book rules both expect an item that has an Omeka element named ‘Type’. If the rule validator cannot find either a Dubln Core element named ‘Type’ or an Item Type Metadata element named ‘Type’ you would get this error. The message says to report it to your system administrator because that person would be the one responsible for making sure the rules are correct. In other words, it’s not a software error, but more of a configuration problem.

Take a look at the documentation and if that does not help, can you post a screen shot showing the metadata for one of your Person items showing its Type value and I’ll take a look.

Thank you! I reread the documentation and figured it out. (I added a subject column for each item type which I labeled “Person” and then used Subject:^Person). Thanks for taking the time to respond to what was a silly error on my part. Much appreciated.

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