Automatic Numbering of Collections

Hi All,

I’ve been reading through the user’s manual over the last couple of weeks and experimenting with items and collections.

Here is the problem: I created a number of collections and then added items. I then deleted all the items and all the collections (I had created 5 collections to play/learn with).

Now I want to start over and begin building the archive in earnest. The problem is when I create my first collection, Omeka is calling it Collection #6 because I had already created 5 to experiment with. Wouldn’t deleting those 5 collections mean that I would now start over at Collection #1? How do I begin at the beginning?

Thanks very much in advance.

Those numbers, normally, are just constantly increasing; deleting old ones doesn’t normally set you up to go back and reuse the existing ones. It’s possible to reset those counters, but it involves directly modifying the database.

My general recommendation is that the IDs don’t really have any particular meaning; they’re just unique identifiers, so it’s fine if they start at 6 (or whatever number) rather than 1.

Thanks very much, I appreciate it. I’m looking forward to using the software more extensively.

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