Assistance with Getting Started on Omeka Website

Hi, I’m currently a student at the University of Washington currently working with Dr. Sarah Ketchley and Dr. Walter Andrews on the website to display the work Baki, an Ottoman-Turkish poet. Essentially, the end goal is to have a website that uses the same database that can be translated between English and Turkish. We are very new to Omeka and stuck with the first part of figuring out where to start with our project.

I was wondering if anyone could show us your thought process and ideas about how you would begin to take on this project. It would be nice to see visually what to do visually and what resources to take advantage of to help with the project. If you could point us in the right direction and help us get set up so we can start coding the themes and plugins, we would greatly appreciate it! Please let me know, thanks!

Are you looking for guidance getting started with Omeka in general, or the bilingual aspect in particular?

I guess both. I looked up some tutorials but I’m not sure what the exact function of Omeka is in relation with all the code and the front end of the website. The first step might be to understand how everything links together to create a website.

In that case, you might want to start with our documentation, specifically the Intro to Omeka screencast and the site planning tips.

We have a number of screencasts that explain how to use Omeka features and plugins. You might watch managing items and modifying appearance in addition to reading the documentation for those functions.

If you find you get more out of doing than reading, sign up for the basic (free) account at and try building a dummy site (with vacation photos, books for a class, or whatever). That will help you get a sense of how it all works.

Finally, it might be interesting for you and your professors to look at live Omeka sites which have multi/bilingual features: New Roots/Nuevas Raíces and Páginas de la historia de México/Excerpts from the Morales de Escárcega Collection

Hi Megan,

Thanks for your reply. I will definitely check those out! We were actually trying to emulate something similar to the new roots project, which was also organized by the same professors I mentioned. We have a sandbox with Omeka linked to it and are in the process of experimenting with the code from the new roots project (the developer was able to send it to us).