Are there any plugins about thesaurus management?


I want you to ask about if I find any plugins related on ‘thesaurus management’.

I couldn’t find such as plugins in omeka homepages.

If it exists, I wonder that plugins can show me related words about specific keywords.

I’ll be waiting for your answer. Thank you.

Can you explain a little more about the functionality you’re looking for?

Do you want something that suggests terms when creating an item? Or are you looking for something that operates on the public side?

I want both of them.

For example, that function can control specific keywords and related terms.
Then that groups function as standard or authority.

On the other hand, It helps public users can search items.
If it provides many keywords, users can choice a word what they want.
Then the word shows related terms and items.

In terms of creating a controlled vocabulary, you might look at the plugin Simple Vocab which allows you to create controlled vocabularies for specific properties. In this case, you would create the terms and users creating content can only use these terms.

There is also the Library of Congress Suggest plugin, which provides possible inputs but for properties, but users can write something else entirely if they want.

On the public end, Search by Metadata will work, particularly if you use one of the above plugins with it. Watch the Managing Metadata screencast to see it in action.

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