Are imported jpgs copied into Omeka?

Let me begin this by saying that I’m working with our IT dept, so don’t have full access to the behind-the-scenes of Omeka, so apologies if this is a dumb question!

I used CSV import to move a bunch of jpgs and metadata from an old database into Omeka. Our IT department is concerned that the images haven’t actually been copied into Omeka, but instead Omeka is are still referring to the old database. Here is an example: (You’ll see that file metadata references the original location of the jpg.)

So here’s my question: Are those jpgs saved in Omeka or do I need to re-do my import by putting the jpgs in dropbox first?

Thanks in advance!

I can’t see the file metadata because at the moment, clicking on the file from takes me to a fullsize image. However, the url for that indicates that the file I’m looking at is stored in files/original/d22196be5a39146eb80ec6fa2493b836.jpg

As indicated in step 5 of the Upgrading instructions, all files in an Omeka Classic site live in a directory called “files” within your Omeka directory. If your IT people are able to access the server-side of your Omeka Classic installation, they should be able to go to the files directory and see your files in the various subdirectories there.

A belated thank you – the files are there!