Appearance suddenly changed

I made a lot of changes to the appearance of my theme to match our institution’s website. In fact I did this to two separate collections. Now my main site has suddenly lost all of those changes after working for months while the book page still looks right. I swear I did not do anything.

Could you tell us what versions of Omeka, before and after the problem, you were using?

A link to the site and the theme’s code would also help us diagnose the problems.

I guess I did do something and I have not looked at the public pages with all this editing that I have been doing.
So I updated my archive pages to 2.5.1 from 2.5. and my changes were lost.
I have not updated my books page and it looks fine.
Is there a way to recover that work I did on the updated site?

My first guess is that you modified an existing theme (Berlin?) that’s shipped with Omeka without renaming it for your branding. Then, when you did the update, you did it in the usual way of replacing everything, which overwrote your changes. Does that sound like it could be the process you went through?

If so, hopefully you made a backup of everything (or have it in GitHub), and you can grab your changes from that and replace them. Otherwise, you might compare the updated and not-updated sites’ themes, and recreate the changes as needed that way.

If you don’t have backups yourself, you might ask your sysadmin or hosting company if they have a copy. Often they do regular backups, and that might help recover at least most of your work.


I am having a lot of trouble with changing the navigation for smaller screens. It seems like the update changed things in ways that I just can’t get my head around. Is there some trick to changing the bar to a list or a dropdown?