API Import not Importing Files

I’m trying to combine two Omeka instances using the API Import plugin. The import seems to go smoothly and says it’s completed, but it’s only bringing over the descriptive record and not the actual image files. I’ve run it twice, once without a key and once with. The origin site is at 2.2 and the target site is at 2.8, both are Omeka Classic. I don’t have the plugin that causes problems and as far as I can tell I’ve set up everything correctly. My first question is did I misunderstand what the API importer does? Assuming I didn’t, any thoughts on how to make this work for us? If it helps, the origin site is http://loras.libraryhost.com/ and the target site isn’t publicly available yet (could that be the issue?).
Any advice appreciated!

Have you had any difficulty adding images manually to the target site?

I hadn’t tried that until this morning and the item I just added is behaving the same way the imported items are.

That suggests that your permissions for your file folder are not set to make it writeable by the webserver.

Thanks @SharonLeon. I had my IT guy check the permissions and he says they are correct. Is there an unusual setting he should be looking for?

When you say a regular upload is “behaving the same way,” what behavior is that specifically? Is there an error message? Typically if files can’t be uploaded there would be an error displayed.

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