API Import Limited to 50 files per item?

I am trying to import items from my old self hosted Omeka Site to a new Omeka.net site. For the most part, everything went smoothly except in cases where an item has more than 50 files associated with it. In these cases, only the first 50 files were imported.


Old site: http://www.weehawkenhistory.us/timemachine/item/WHC77014 (252 pages)

New site: https://weehawkentimemachine.omeka.net/items/show/562 (first 50 pages)

I did not see any errors during the API import.

Is there a limitation I am missing here?


I think I figured it out… changing the number of items returned per API call from 50 to 300 (more than the maximum number of files I had on an item) seems to have set things right.

Will leave this here in case anyone else runs into a similar issue.