API import from Omeka 2.7.1 to Omeka.net

Hi, I attempted to use API import to move my site from a server running Omeka 2.7.1 to Omeka.net. It appears to have worked and I started building an exhibit. When I did a search for a particular item though, the search results showed both, what appeared to be, a local copy but also one that had a URL related to the old server. Does API import copy the actual files? There are a lot of PDFs on the old site. I’m worried that if that server goes away I will no longer have those files.

The API Import does copy the files. What you’re probably seeing is that the “filename” of the imported files gets set to the name of the URL they were copied from. This can look like the file is still referring to the old location, but it’s just recording what the source filename was.