API Accessing Issue

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to run some plugins on my site that need to access the API via API Key. Each time I hit “run” on the plugins, the status update says it’s running, but they don’t end up making any changes. I checked the API Keys menu, and it says my API Key has never been accessed. I’m also not getting any errors in the console or the error file. Has anyone run into this before and know how to fix it?

A few details on the site:
Hosting provider: HostGator on a shared hosting plan
Omeka version: 2.7.1
Plugins running: Omeka API Import and 2 other custom plugins

You may just have issues running background jobs at all. I don’t know if HostGator provides the PHP CLI which is necessary to run background jobs.

Side note: are you talking about more than one site, or just one? Running the API Import plugin against the same site doesn’t usually make sense.

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Okay, I’ll check and see if provides the PHP CLI.
I only installed the API Import plugin to test whether the API would be accessed (it wasn’t). I tested it against another Omeka site of ours, so I wasn’t importing from the same API.

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