Anyone willing to explain how to get data in?

Is someone willing to talk with me by phone or email to answer basic questions (or point me to tutorials I could read)? I’m having trouble understanding how to get data into Omeka so I can start creating sites.

I’m trying to set up a site that provides access to a set of about 10,000 photos. I have an Omeka S installation, including CSV Import. I have used FTP to upload 40 test photos to the server. I have a CSV file with metadata: each photo’s title, description, date, and pointer to the image file. I have a CSV file listing all the people who appear in at least one photo. (Many appear in more than one.) I have a CSV file listing each appearance (saying which person, which photo, and coordinates within the photo).

I think I need to define Classes for photos, people, and appearances of a person in a photo, and I don’t understand how to do that. I think I should define a Vocabulary of people’s names, and I don’t know how to do that. I don’t understand how to use CSV Import at all, or how to include information in the CSV file to make an Item refer to another Item.

I would sure appreciate some help getting started.

A good place in the documentation to start would be the planning tips, as some of what you’re talking about is a workflow question.

You may want to think through your resource templates for the different materials you have. How do you want to link the people and the photos using metadata - note that its reciprocal, so if you have the person “is part of” in the photo metadata, that will also display in the person’s metadata (see the section on Omeka resource as value in Items).

You should also think about workflows for importing the data via CSV - you’ll need an identifier if you plan to use advanced settings to update imports rather than bringing the data at once. You may end up doing multiple imports and matching resources based on unique names or identifiers you’ve already assigned the photos/people.

Because CSV import can be complicated, it’s best to do a test run with only about 10 rows until you’re sure you’ve gotten it working the way you want.

Hi Tim,

If you find out please let me know at 615-327-6463.


Thanks, Megan. I’ll have another look at those.

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