Anyone else unable to access website?

I know this sounds simple, but I’ve been unable to access the site (the website, not an instance on local servers) and my IT staff has been unable to remedy the situation. Is anyone familiar with widespread issues accessing, the website with resources about using Omeka? Does anyone have a contact that my IT department can reach out to so as to identify if we’ve been blacklisted or some other reason why we cannot access this webpage. This issue first came up about a year ago and we’re now needing to access it again.


That’s odd…it’s been pretty stable for quite a while now. Can you access from other computers/devices that aren’t under your IT staff control? An IP address range from your institution might help us see if there is a blacklist somewhere, but that’s unlikely.

I’ll try to get that. Is there an email where I can send it?


It’ll be more efficient and practical to post it here. That way we can all see the info and easily share it around as needed.

I take it that you have access on other computers/devices?

Sure! Here’s the range: –

I’ve been able to access from off-campus. We’ve been blacklisted before, but IT was unable to identify why we are unable to access nonetheless.

Thanks. I’ve shared the info around, and hopefully we’ll figure it out soon.

Thank you so much! Molly

Looks like there was a match in our blacklist that has been changed. Let me know if you know have access.

I have access now and so do my colleagues, several of whom are looking forward to using it soon. Thank you so much for your help! It is very much appreciated!