Anycloud: Does it work w/latest Omeka S?

Hello all. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to upgrade all of our Omeka S modules. We are on the latest version of Omeka S. Am I doing something wrong with Anycloud? I am getting the following error:

I get this error on 11 other modules as well. Does this message mean that the module doesn’t yet work with the latest version of Omeka S?

Yep; that error means that the version of the module you have right now doesn’t support Omeka S 3.0.0.

You can check the modules list to see if there’s a new version of a given module that does support 3.0.0. It looks like right now Any Cloud doesn’t have such a version. You can also check with the developer to see if they have a new version done or planned.

Thanks! I must have been looking at a cached plugin page…sorry!

I am working on an update to the module but it may take me some time because of some other commitments at the moment.

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