Any work so far in Curatescape on remembering map state when hitting back button?

You’re zoomed in on the map to a specific location, and have a cluster expanded and one story selected, then click on that story to read it.
Then you want to get back to the map to look at other nearby stories, but it reloads the whole map at its intially zoom and centering.
I’d like to be able to get back to the map with the same zoom and centering. (Not sure if I’d want the story’s pop-up open or closed.)

It seems like you’d need to store cookies in the session using javascript, save the zoom, centering and whether a pop-up is open. I know session management can get nightmarish, but thought I’d see if anyone else has played around with this already.


Interesting idea. Feel free to submit feature requests and bug reports directly to the Github issue tracker.